Studies at the University of Decorative and Applies Arts of Moscow, Stroganov

PhD in the History of Art – University Stroganov

Won scholarship from the French Government, research at the Sorbonne – 4, Paris

Doctorate in the History of Art


Since 2019

“Saint Jean”, Brussels, Belgium, (permanent exhibition)

Since 2016

“French Art Network”, New Orlean, Carmel, USA (permanent exhibition)

2015 June

“Galerie du Marais”, Place des Vosges, Saint-Malo, France, (personal exhibition)

2012 Oct

“Galerie du Marais”, Place des Vosges, Paris, France, (personal exhibition)

2011 Nov

International Salon of Paris, Paris, France

2011 Sept-Nov

«Covart Gallery», Luxembourg, (personal exhibition)

Since 2011

«L-Gallery», Central House of Artistes, CHA, Moscow, Russia, (permanent exhibition)

Since 2010

«Covart Gallery», Luxembourg, (permanent exhibition)

2010 May-June

«Galerie du Marais», Place des Vosges, Paris, France (personal exhibition)

Since 2009

«Galerie du Marais», Place des Vosges, Paris, France (permanent exhibition)

Since 2009

«Galerie du Marais», Saint-Malo, France (permanent exhibition


Gallery «King’s Gallery», Moscow – Hong-Kong

2009 Jan

Union of artistes of Russia, Malij Manesch, Moscow, Russia (collective exhibition)

2008 May

Personal exhibition, Gallery «Kallisté», Paris, France

2007, 2008

Exhibition “Capital of Art”, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2007, 2010

Exhibition “Small formats, great signatures”, Paris, France

Since 2007

Gallery “M’ARS”, Moscow, Russia (permanent exhibition)

2006, 2008

Salon «Viollet», Paris, France

Since 2006

«Rainbird gallery», London, England (permanent exhibition)


«Russel gallery», London, England


Gallery «Kallisté», Paris, France (permanent exhibition)


Gallery «Saint-Roch», Paris, France (personal exhibition)


Gallery «Contours», Delhi, India (personal exhibition)


Ministry of Education of Russia, Moscow, Russia


Bryansk regional Museum of art, Russia (permanent exhibition)

The paintings are also in the ‘Private Collections’ in Russia, France, USA, Canada, UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, India, in permanent exhibition of Bryansk Museum of art, Russia.

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